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NOAH 101 : Lesson 6


Now that the child begins to understand the importance of playing at a steady tempo, it’s time to add a new note.

To make even better sounding melodies, we need to add the Bird note. Make sure that the student plays all notes with the index finger.

NOAH bonus lesson 6
Notes Lesson 6


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 6n
NOAH Lesson 6

Has the tempo been mastered?

Careful!  This lesson is tricky because it seems simple. Just two notes and no jumps.
The real lesson is not so much the new B (bird) note but the timing. Today, we check if the student has mastered the timing and hopefully, she/he has.
If you feel good about it, you can start today’s lesson with the rabbit button. After the app has finished playing the lesson, YOU demonstrate once slowly. If you do not rush the camels, then there is a good chance that your best student will play them nicely too. Encourage a slow speed and see the supplemental information section below if you need help.

Bonus Lesson

Just like the main lesson, this bonus lesson should be easy to play. The only thing that is different is how it sounds. The B note does add a lot of flavor to the melody and although the lesson seems easy, it should not be rushed.
Create it, demonstrate it, ask questions, listen and praise.

NOAH bonus lesson 6b


Suplemental Information​

As you know, the playback buttons play every lesson perfectly. If your student struggles with the tempo then suggest a “game”.

Have the child practice and when she/he feels ready, blindfold yourself (or have the child do it) and then you listen to the lessons. At the end, you guess if a playback button has been used or if it was played by the student.
Be generous. Reward the effort even if you feel it was not 100%.

We can an never will how to parent but in most cases, recognition and a little treat here and there go a long way. If possible, hand out a box of Smarties or drawing materials to maximize the reward (or learning).

Help & Support

Please contact us if you need additional information or to clarify a topic.