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NOAH 101 : Lesson 7


Now that we know 4 notes, we have 100’s of possible combinations to play with. Here are two natural-sounding ones.

NOAH bonus lesson 7
Notes Lesson 7


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 7n
NOAH Lesson 7

A nice little melody

Yesterday’s lesson was a bit easier because we wanted to slow things down a bit just in case the little composer got tired. Maybe you took a little break or maybe you didn’t have to. Ether way, today’s lessons four notes with one jum and will require practice and focus from both, teacher and student.
If moving up and down the “notes” proves to be a bit of a challenge then slow down. The slower the tempo, the easier a melody is to play. Speed comes with repetition.

Bonus Lesson

If the main lesson didn’t show issues in timing and wrong notes being played then the bonus lesson should not be a challenge.  Please have the child play each lesson about 5 times. Do break up the play time by talking and asking questions

NOAH bonus lesson 7b


Suplemental Information​

Conventional music lessons are structured so that the teacher is most important, then comes the music and lastly, the student.
Little Composers does things differently because many years of teaching have shown us that switching things around has an advantage. NOAH works best when music is the teacher, the child teaches (what you teach it first) and you ask, listen and praise. The art of teaching can be summed up in three words. Ask, listen praise.

If you pretend to be a bit lost and forgot what the bird is called then the child will be excited to teach you.
Become “that” kind of student and keep asking questions now and then. Even when you play the lesson you can ask if the next note is X or Y. Children that teach learn much faster. So let them teach you and “enjoy“. 🙂

Help & Support

Please contact us if you need additional information or to clarify a topic.