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NOAH 101 : Lesson 8


Since there are no new notes below the Bird, we continue to add a Fish above the Elephant.

The more notes we add, the more comfortable the student has to be as she/he jumps from note to note.

NOAH bonus lesson 8
Notes Lesson 8


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 8n
NOAH Lesson 8

How to teach this lesson

Again, we use a nice and memorable melody that can easily be mastered by practicing it 3 to 5 times. Let’s aim for the same speed as the app plays the lesson when the rabbit button is pressed. By design, the lesson is not challenging because we want to free up the mind to listen instead of focusing on technique.
If it comes natural, then it’s OK to play the highest note with the middle finger.

Bonus Lesson

Suggestion! Tell the child that if she/he learns this lesson well, you (the teacher/mentor) will challenge her/him (like a  contest). Explain that you will practice this lesson to get good at playing it and when you are ready, you will play this lesson first backwards and then the regular way. Like so: C D F DE D C B, BC D E F D C
WHO can play the lesson better?

NOAH bonus lesson 8b


Suplemental Information​

Just so you know, you are slightly losing (but not by much). Sorry about that but being a teacher is not always fun. Just find it in your heart and still praise the winner.
After that, stop the lesson and if possible, find a grown-up to talk about the challenge and be amazed that your child won. If the child enjoyed the race then you can use it as a teaching tool down the road on a day when things don’t go so well (yes, we all have “one of those days”).

Little games like that can make a big difference. So please don’t forget to “brag” to someone about how your child can play this lesson better than you can. Make sure that your little compose is close enough to hear the conversation. If the other adult could listen to a new challenge (which you lose again) then you have taught more than music today.

Help & Support

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