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NOAH 101 : Lesson 9


To play more advanced melodies, we need to know more notes. Today, we add the giraffe.

Every time a child presses the giraffe picture, an G note will sound as if played on a piano.

free online piano lesson 9
Notes Lesson 9


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 9n
NOAH Lesson 9

How to teach this lesson

If the student practiced the previous lessons as instructed then this lesson should be easy. Still, we never take the simple lessons for granted. Establishing the skill of playing the notes in a steady beat (like the turtle and rabbit buttons do) is what we are after.
If all goes well, then you can go to the bonus lesson after only 3 repetitions. Are you still praising during the lessons?

Bonus Lesson

Let’s have some more fun. Demonstrate the lesson as usual and then let the child play it 2 or 3 times.  Once the lesson sounds right, tell your best student that you wouldn’t mind another little contest today. Then play the lesson once backwards (C D B C E F G – ) and then right away from the beginning.
The whole lesson then should sound like this: C D B C E F G (a bit of silence) and then G F E C B D C

If you think that this is confusing the student, then distract with a question and skip this exercise. It is not important to play the lesson both ways but never the less, beneficial if your child can do it. Let us know?


Suplemental Information​

We’ll provide info as soon as we receive feedback about lesson 9.

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