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NOAH 101 : Lesson 10


We’ve skipped notes before but this lesson requires your student to skip from an fish all the way down to a bird note.

free online piano lesson 10
Notes Lesson 10

NOAH will convert the above notes to:


free online piano lesson 10n
NOAH Lesson 10

About this lesson

All of the lessons we have learned so far explained the importance of playing at a steady speed just like the playback buttons (turtle and rabbit) do. This lesson puts our playing skills to the test. Please be patient and demonstrate slowly. Have the child repeat this lesson at least 4 times before moving on to the bonus lesson.

Bonus Lesson

The bonus lesson is very memorable. As the melody progresses, the gaps become bigger until we reach the last note.

If your best student played all of the lessons correctly, then she/he is ready to use the app as it was meant to be used.
Instead of providing more lessons that feature an A (alligator) note, we’d like to try a little experiment. Creative children, can figure out new stuff once they have been pointed in the right direction. Let me explain.

Let’s assume that someone taught you how to count to 41. Would you be able to figure out the numbers 42 to 99 on your own? Please think about this for a moment. There is a good chance that your student can figured out every melody and all you have to do is encourage and praise to keep the excitement going.

free online piano lesson 10b


Where to go from here?

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You probably wonder what’s next and how to continue. So far, the lessons have introduced all kinds of note combinations and the child has practiced each lesson multiple times which laid the foundation for more to come. From this point on, we encourage you to make use of  all of the features we’ve built into the full version of NOAH.

Help & Support

Please contact us if you need additional information regarding NOAH or registration/enrollment.