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Free Music Apps for Kids

Little Composers develops free music apps for kids and invites those who enjoy playing to upload their songs for others to see and maybe even play.


Little Composers has a special app for children who are not yet at the reading stage. Think of this app as the first music teacher for children of age three and up.
When we developed PRE PiANO, we made sure that the user interface is simple enough so that a three-year-old can understand it almost right away. Based on a wealth of research and classroom use, kids can instantly relate to the animals which act as temporary piano keys. From left to right, they represent the B, C, D, E, F, G and A keys.

Creative Children Compose Music

For children who have outgrown PRE PiANO or older kids who are able to read letters, the creative children compose music app is the best way to begin. Unlike other piano starter apps, CCCM does not use color coded keys and instead, uses the color red to mark the home group with represents C major.
The app has a practicing module and once a child is ready to compose, one click is all it takes to turn on all the features. The intelligent recording module will not only record everything that is being played but also allow for making corrections as needed.
The finished work can then be saved locally on the device the app is running on. The compositions save in form of a jpg image and that image can be uploaded for a possible inclusion in the Famous Little Composers Gallery

To see and play the apps and to find out more about this exciting way of learning music for children simply visit the Little Composers website. There, you will see the composition challenge and more images and demo videos which show you what the apps are all about.

If you have questions, criticism, suggestions or, if you would like to send us a testimony (to be published on the Little Composers website), simply use the form and tell us how we are doing

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