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Q: What are note names?

Notes have names and for now, you should try and remember these 7 names: A B C D E F and G

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Little Composers Piano : Lesson 001

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Lesson 001 is almost as easy as the introduction lesson. Look at the image below and memorize the B C D and E keys.

image showing the piano keyboard plus one new key name

small image of Virtual Music Teacher Kim Kim's Tip for Registered members!
There is a hidden function which you can find by tapping once in the left upper app corner. This will show you all the key names which make playing and entering the lessons much easier.
image showing letters A B C D E F G on piano keys

For Mom

If your child finds this lesson easy then start experimenting with rests and replacing exiting notes with new notes. To replace a note with a rest, we need to edit the melody. No worries, it's easy. Just tap on the note or measure you want to change. This will bring up the editing window where you can simply tap the note once more and then play either a new key or touch the REST button in the menu. When you are happy with the changes, touch DONE which will exit the editing window and return to where you were before.
Composing is fun. Switch roles and take over the editing or playing part for a bit. Talk about yesterday's lesson (builds up the memory and ability to recall). Praise often and be amazed.