Little Composers

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Kim What is a "song"?

When someone sings words, we call that a song. Songs can be happy or sad. image showing a little radio that plays happy songsMy radio plays a lot of happy songs. I love happy songs. Maybe one day YOU will compose happy songs for me?

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Little Composers Piano : Lesson 002

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Lesson 002 is a real song called "Christmas Time Is Here Again", and can be played on five keys. If you practice a lot then you might be able to play it today.

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Kim's Tip: Don't forget to write down the note names (letters) before you load the app!

For Mom

This song is one of the many compositions we make for children. Like most children's songs, this melody is easy to learn because it consists of only 5 notes. The goal is to give our new students something "real" to work with. This helps especially with children who are very creative.
Most kids will be OK with learning this song and when they do, have them give a little concert for the family or friends. The sooner a child plays for others, the better.