Little Composers

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Q: Why only 31 notes?

Making the last note silent gives our compositions a nice ending because it makes the last note sound longer than it actually is.

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Little Composers Piano : Lesson 003

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To learn this lesson, you need to use the full version of the Little Composers Piano app becuase it can record rests right away. Register here to get the full version for FREE!

Lesson 003 is another real composition but unlike the song before, it is made up of notes and rests which means that when you get to the 4th measure, play the E key and after that, touch the REST button located on the app menu. Instead of a note, you'll see a minus sign. We use the minus sign as a placeholder for a rest (silence). To finish this measure, play the D key and then touch the REST button once more.
When you are done, touch PLAY and listen to the melody. Do you notice how much nicer a melody sounds when we add a rest (silence)?

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For Mom

Give your little composer plenty of time with this lesson. How about if YOU learn it too and let your child teach you how to play it? Please keep tack of the tempo. New students tend to speed up repeating notes. When that happens, touch the PLAY button (menu) and do some more listening. When you both master the lesson, you should perform it during the next family concert. (^_−)