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Q: What is the high "a" key?

During Lesson001, you've learned the basic 7 note names ABCDEFG. Now, those are no longer enough which is why we are adding those same names a second time but instead of upper case (A), we use lower case (a).
To picture this, think of how we reuse the days in a week. The too are always the same.

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Little Composers Piano : Lesson 004

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Lesson 004 is really nice. It has more rests than the previous lesson and for the first time, it uses the high a key in measures 3 and 6.

After you write down this composition, open the full version of the Little Composers Piano and start to record the notes and rests.

Kim's Tip! To show the letters on the keys, tap the left upper corner of the app once.
image showing letters A B C D E F G on piano keys

For Mom

Music is a combination of listening and playing. Both are equally important and therefore, you and your child should always listen to the lessons before playing them. Use the tempo slider to find the most suitable speed and watch the keys while the app plays the melody.
To keep things interesting, tap on a measure and make one or two small changes. Touch PLAY again and listen. Editing, listening and playing is the ideal way of learning the concept of music.