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Getting ready for piano lessons fall 2015

A new generation of little children is getting ready for piano lessons this fall and many look forward to learning how to play an instrument. 

Preparing for and getting ready for piano lessons

The new term 2015 / 2016 is about 10 weeks away and your child can’t wait to start piano lessons. Excitement is a good thing and this article outlines a few things you, the parent, can do to make the excitement last. Before we tackle the number one reason why children fall behind and stop enjoying their piano lessons, we’ll quickly outline a few things which are good to know and prepare for.

Make a schedule to get your child there on time

Every music teacher knows that being late for a piano lesson is bad because 30 minutes go by fast and squeezing the reminder of a lesson into a 20-minute time frame means that something else has to be cut. Please make a schedule and allow for adequate traveling time to the music studio or school. This way, you give your music teacher a much better chance to provide a relaxed learning experience which benefits your child and reduces the stress of practicing.

Organize the tasks your child does now and free up time to practice

Time goes by faster than we think and in just a few weeks, your little one will be back in school and a week later, music lessons start which means that life will be busy for everyone. Unfortunately, learning to play the piano well is a skill that takes years to master which is why those kids who are serious about music practice almost every day. Not only will the music teacher recommend practicing as much as possible, you child should also want to practice because much depends on the time spent with the piano.

One of the biggest reasons why new piano students quit

Music notation is more complex than we think. As a matter of fact, reading music and becoming a fluent sight reader takes effort, time and practice. There is a reason why they say that practice makes perfect. At first, the piano teacher will assign a few note names to learn and memorize and most students have no problems remembering the C, D, E, F and G. After that, things change and there are many reasons for that. A long time ago, I was a young music teacher and when I noticed that many students fail to prepare I felt that I needed to investigate what causes the distraction. Remember, I said that this was a long time ago and before the internet but even back then, there was this thing called TV. Do you remember Knight Rider? Well, most boys in my music class decided that a talking car was much cooler to spend time with than learning note names which, at the age of six or seven, made them experts on speeding and computers that could talk but not on reading music.
Please watch your child once the music lessons begin and make sure that you clear some of the more obvious distractions. Whatever is on Facebook now will be there later but the next music lesson will not wait which is why children need to learn and understand the importance of prioritizing.

Most of all, don’t leave it up to them to deal with music notation on their own. If they express little interest in learning note names maybe buy and app or talk to the music teacher and find out what she/he recommends because otherwise, you run the risk of your child quitting early.

Practice makes perfect

It AMAZES me that many children don’t know about the importance of repetition. The reason why it amazes me is because children watch a lot of sport and see athletes perform amazing flips and twists and turns on bikes or skis and many other things. How do they do that and how did they get so good at it?
The answer is simpler than you might guess. They design a routine and then practice practice practice. My first music teacher told me that it takes 25% talent and 75% effort to learn to play the piano well.

Next time you watch a basketball or other game with your children please take a minute and point out to them that there is much more than we see on TV. Professionals spend a lot of time in the GYM, eat a special diet and definitely stay away from alcohol and drugs. Yes, there are a few exceptions to every rule and the media will make a big deal out of those who go against what I just said but all in all, only the disciplined ones make it to the top.

Please praise and encourage your child. When you do that, you support your music teacher and your child will enjoy practicing and putting in much more effort which in turn does miracles when it comes to learning.

Prepare and take your time getting ready for piano lessons and above all, watch the progress carefully. Every week is different but if you get your part right, then you will be very proud on the day of the year-end concert and beyond.

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