image showing getting ready to start piano lessons

Getting ready to start piano lessons

Soon, a new generation of children is getting ready to start piano lessons. Some have older siblings who are already taking piano lessons and others were motivated by someone else to begin piano lessons. Either way, countless little soon-to-be piano students are patiently waiting for when school starts again. If you took piano lessons then you know what it feels like to go to your first piano lesson with a real music teacher.

Start piano lessons with Pre Piano

We live in a different world and the internet is replacing many of the old traditions as more and more people turn to online learning. Because of this, Little Composers® a new app for children who are still in the pre-reading stage or not yet enrolled in piano lessons. The PRE PIANO LESSONS app published by Little Composers is available on Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Store.

App links

Right now, you can get the FREE Pre Piano Lessons app in the app stores listed below or you can open the web app which is available on the Little Composers website.

The app has a dedicated web page where you can find details app help and the “ask us a question” form.

Get a head-start

The Pre Piano Lessons app is symbol based and uses images instead of a color-coded keyboard because symbols evoke a much stronger reaction for visual learners. Besides that, the play pads are the same as piano keys and feature the keys B, C, D, E, F, G and A. Here is a screenshot to give you an idea fo what the user interface looks like. The image is taken from the help page and includes additional information and outline of the three most important features.image of pre piano lessons wiht iPad

Why this app helps children with learning how to play piano

A lot of research and real classroom testing has gone into making this app and the result is amazing. As soon as you introduce your child to the Pre Piano Lessons app, she/he will almost instantly start playing and playing is what lessons are all about. The more time a child spends playing music, the deeper the connection. Many apps and music books fail to establish this deep connection between student and instrument and the result is not good.
If you child shows an interest in music lessons or is asking to start music lessons then you should install or load the web app and let her/him play around. As with all apps for Little Composers, the focus is on creating and therefore, the app comes with 1000’s of built-in lessons that can be generated with the touch of a button.

For most children, generating lessons, listening to lessons (turtle or rabbit button) and the playing the lessons is fun and they start to learn without knowing that they do. The app comes with high-quality piano sounds which will be instantly recognizable when they switch to a real or digital piano.

Praise your child often

A lot of times, parents ask what they could do to make sure that their children get the best possible learning experience. They ask for which instrument or brand to get and for how long a child should practice. I have been involved in music for over 40 years and can tell you that the most important part is you, the parent. Your encouraging words, your praise, your recognition and the time you make to listen outweigh everything else. This is especially true at the beginning stage when children start the lessons. If you drive them to the teacher, use that time to be positive and don’t complain about all the stuff you still have to do. The same goes for the way back from the teaching studio or music school. Ask quality questions and listen to your child’s answers.
If you get this part right, you will be proud of what your child achieves. That doesn’t only go for music but everything else as well. Your child needs your encouragement and praise and the more meaningful you can make it, the better. Don’t worry about a new piano or getting those 30 minutes of practice time as requested by the teacher. Those things will sort themselves out if you give a little more of your time to your little composer.

Thank you for reading this article. Please post your questions below and I will do my best to provide additional information to address your specific situation.

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