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Little Composers turns Moms into Music Teachers and Children into Little Composers

Little Composers is a new music teaching and learning concept that is currently free. Mothers can download the apps and introduce their children to the joys of music and composing.
The Little Composers Pre Piano lessons have been designed for children as young as three. While the quality of the musical lessons is high and the programming is superb, the lessons help children understand the meaning of notes by simply substituting animals for note symbols.

A Constructive Activity

Children will be able to quickly identify the notes and the symbols by matching the sounds with the images of elephants and giraffes. This enables mothers who are anxious to introduce music and composing to very young children to do so without having to first teach them the various musical notations.
While mothers are aware that children respond to music and have an innate ability to create and compose music, they are deterred from encouraging their child because of time constraints and lack of knowledge.

Promoting that Creative Spirit

The little Composers Pre Piano lessons bridge this gap and enable mothers to make their children famous composers in their own right. All that the mother has to do is download the app and guide her child to use it. Once the system is set up, the mother has to play the role of chief cheerleader and encourage her child to practice daily for 10 to 20 minutes. By constantly praising and encouraging the child and her endeavors, the mother will be able to make sure that the child soon composes her own music.
The children can try and compose by making small changes to the tunes already available and creating a composition that pleases them.
Mothers can then upload the composition along with a picture of the child onto the Little Composers website and ensure that their child becomes famous immediately.

The Little Composers app can be opened on any web browser and device, enabling mothers to keep their children creatively occupied. While Little Composers recommends the Chrome browser, the app is also tested for Firefox, Safari, and Windows.

Fun Activity for Mother and Child

Little Composers Pre Piano is a fun activity that unleashes the creativity of the child and the child in the mother. The app currently supports about a 1,000 lessons and more complex ones are being developed. As the child progresses in her skills, she should be ready for the advanced lessons that will be made available soon.
The Pre Piano lessons are suitable for all age groups. While children as young as three have benefited and enjoyed the lessons, mothers too can hone their musical skills or learn along with their child.
Little Composers and Pre piano lessons are designed to be taught by the mother at home. All the mother has to do is encourage her little one and ask questions and shower praise. This emotional support will help the child associate positive feelings with music and encourage them to continue practicing and composing, becoming famous in their own right.

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