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Learn Note Names eBook for new music students

Little Composers has just published Learn Note Names, a new eBook targeted towards music students who need help with learning the note names.

Learn Note Names (eBook) is now available on

cover image of the learn note names eBook

  • Struggle with music notation
  • Need to get up-to-speed with note names
  • Have troubles with identifying notes and chords

There are many apps and books that cover music theory but what makes this eBook different are the many encouragements the author has strewn in whenever possible. Because of that, Learn Note Names is an easy read for many new music students and everyone else who wants to understand music notation.

Learn Note Names (Treble Clef Edition)

Music notation is a very complex topic and therefore it is no surprise that so many students struggle with memorizing the note names. The worst part is that if a student has troubles with recognizing the note names, she/he will soon fall behind in all music theory related tasks and stop enjoying the lessons altogether.

Parents! Don’t let this happen to your child

Learn Note Names is an easy read that starts with a story. The purpose of the story is to make everyone understand how important reading is. Every parent who has a music student needs to make sure that the lessons are stress free and knowing the note names goes a long way to prevent troubles which nether the teacher nor the student want.

The eBook is divided into nine chapters and has a total of about 20 pages which means that it can be read rather quickly. Every chapter gives detailed instructions and adds two new notes. The eBook contains plenty of illustrations which support the explanations. Besides the theory part, the author includes lots of encouragement and praise and makes no secret about learning note names.

Learning Note Names is not easy

For some reason, music students get told to study the note names and criticized if they fail to do so. Now that many kids have access to electronic devices which run all kinds of apps, learning the note names has become a lot easier than it used to be but still, it is not something that can be done in one afternoon either. Once a student has been made aware that everything hinges on recognizing note names quickly, they can then decide on how much time they want to dedicate to studying.

Spend as much time as you need to

When someone is just beginning to learn something worth while, she/he is often told that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Perhaps that old and proved proverb describes it best. As the eBook mentions, it is OK to get to know a few notes very well and then extend and enlarge that circle more and more as things start to make sense.


Learning the note names is key to success and there is no shortcut. If you decide to get this eBook then please provide some feedback so that future revisions and additions make it even a more essential text then it already is.

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