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Little Composers Piano
39 of 100 children compose their first melody in less than 10 minutes

NEW: Master Class Video

Little Composers Piano is our most advanced app and to help you master the art of composing music, we've produced the master class video series. This video is especially useful for those of you who have just finished the Pre Piano Keyboard app.

Creative children age 8 and younger can now upload an app screenshot (image) of their composition and get published in the Famous Little Composers Gallery

Video length: 2:40 Minutes

Right now, somewhere in this world
someone uses the powerful Little Composers Piano app

to easily compose a melody that looks like this:

image of a small arrow pointing down
image of a song that looks like this

and sounds like this:

image of a small arrow pointing down

Previously, beginners could not do this.
But now they can!

About this app

Little Composers Piano is a ground-breaking app that enables visual learners to compose, edit and play their own music on the included keyboard.
Little Composers Piano is our first app which has a built-in mentor that helps you build your melody. It's like having a real composer by your side to learn from. The SHOW ME (PLAY) button plays everything you record, including all the edits and previously saved songs.
To edit your melody, you simply tap on a note which automatically opens that measure for you to work on. There is no limit to how many edits can be made. When a composition is finished, touch or press the PLAY button and listen. Playback not only plays your composition for you, it also teaches you how to play it by watching the animated keys move.
Use the tempo slider to set the perfect playback speed for your composition. The fast speed is ideal for listening and the slow speed is better for learning.
Will your composition be featured in the Famous Little Composers Gallery for others to listen to and learn from?

App fact: The Little Composers Piano is capable of producing millions of unique compositions and allows for an unlimited number of edits to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the app has loaded, you can access the HELP page from the app menu.

There are too many devices to give a precise answer so it's best to use google like in this example:
How do I take a screenshot on android

You can use the same sentence for iPad, iPhone, Microsoft Surface or which ever device you are using.

Go to the HELP page and use the ask us a question form
We will get back to as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we are located on the west coast (pacific time).

Need an easier app to start?

If your child is still too young to use the above app then we suggest that you start with the Pre Piano Keyboard
It is based on the same concept but the color-coded keys make learning the three rules every little composer needs to know much easier.

Visual learners can also begin with basic Pre Piano Lessons which should be completed first. One of the three apps will be perfect and the Video Tutorials will get you up and running quickly.

image showing the new pre piano keyboard app which helps children to compose their own music.

NEW Free Piano Lessons for Kids

image showing real piano lesson number 001

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