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Q: What is a measure?

Compositions are made up of many notes. Notes are grouped into measures. One measure holds four notes.

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Little Composers Piano Lessons
If your child shows an interest in music then make time and play. In 10 years from now, you will be glad you did.

By the end of this course, you and your child will be able to compose, play, edit and write your own music with the help of the intuitive Little Composers Piano app

Before We Begin

The lessons are made up of 31 notes which are further sub-divided into 8 measures. Familiarize yourself with this layout now so that you can find and change one or more notes quickly.

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Image 1: Introductory lesson

Try this!
Look at the image above (image 1) and try to find the last note in measure 4. Once you found it, touch the "Show Me" button to see if you got the right one?

Show Me

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About this lesson
The introductory lesson consists of 8 measures holding a total of 31 notes and the whole lesson can be played using the C, D and E keys.

image of piano keys with letters on the C, D and E keys

Before you do anything else, take a piece of paper and write down the letters as shown in the introductory lesson. This step is very important!

image showing hand written note names

After you've done that, load the Little Composers Piano and do a practice run.
If you are just checking out the lessons and don't want to register then you can play this introductory lesson just fine with the Little Composers Piano Demo
Registered members should use the full version because it can display the note names when you touch the upper left corner of the app.

Quick app introduction video

Time to RECORD

With the app open, touch the RECORD button and play the notes the same way as you wrote them down. Don't rush. The important thing is to enter them in the right order. Your playing speed does not matter for now. It can be fast and slow and you can even take a brake half way trough.

small image of Virtual Music Teacher Kim Kim's Tip: When you are done, touch the PLAY button and listen to the melody two or more times. After that, try playing the melody slowly on the keyboard using just your index or your index, middle and ring fingers. Keep doing that until you can play the melody without making a mistake.

For Mom

At first, your child (or student) might have issues with playing the notes at the same speed. When that happens, use the slowest tempo setting and listen. Then have your child play the melody again slowly. With every repetition, playing will become a little easier. After 15 - 20 minutes of playing, you will notice that your little composer gets tired. It's best to wind the lesson down around that time.

If your child struggles with this app then check out Pre Piano Lessons or the Pre Piano Keyboard because those apps are better for absolute beginners.

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