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"As a radio announcer, it is very important for me to have my daughter involved in the world of music. I just want music to mean as much to her as it does to me. So it made sense to start her in it as soon as possible. I found Little Composers and instantly knew it was for us! It really is brilliant and easy to follow along. I highly recommend it for you and your "little composer." ~ Trish W.

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Membership FAQs

How do I get a FREE membership?

If you want to take the piano lessons, then simply go to the lessons page and share it on Facebook.

The lessons page has a form where you can copy/paste your Facebook page link and send it to us. As soon as we check it, we will give you a free membership which you can use to play the lessons and take online classes.

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Do you store my credit card information?

No. Your payment and info will not be processed by Little Composers.
As soon as you add you credit card information, you will automatically be forwarded to Stripe which is a leader in online payment processing.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel the month to month plan at any time. A yearly membership can not be cancelled after the 14-day trial period.

Please contact us if you have specific questions about the membership options


Can I cancel my monthly subscripton?

Yes. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
To do so, log in, go to "My Profile" and click on "How do I cancel my monthly subscription?"

Follow the link and press the "Submit Form" button. That's it.

How do I change my name or password?

After you log in, you will see a new option "My Profile" in the top menu of most pages.
Press the "My Profile" link to access and update your profile settings.

Important! Please make sure that you enter the first and last name of the student correctly. The course certificates use that data to populate the name fields.
If you leave it blank, then the certificate will also be blank.