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In addition to the feature which are included in the free membership, you also get two new exciting additions which are Live Mentor and Creativity Challenge. Both premium features include priority support. You get 3 months of continued access for only CAN $18.00


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Real Live Mentor

Let's face it. Working on projects can be challenging and most people give up when things don't go well. But what if you could request a special helper? Someone who could review your work and make suggestions that get the project back on track again? Live Mentor will do exactly that and turn a dead end into a win win situation.

Creativity Challenge

The hardest part of making something is getting started. So what if someone else did that and the students get to finish the project? Our tests have shown that kids free their creative talents faster if they get to work on an already started project.
Are you up for a creativity challenge?

Premium Support

We are currently exploring various live support options but until they are implemented, we offer priority support for our premium members. This means that we will do our best to assist you as soon as we can.

Parents! Our PREMIUM 3 membership package does not automatically renew and will expire after 3 months.
Contact us to suggest different packages that work better for you.

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