NOAH 101 : Lesson 4

Tempo and timing

By now, you are making an average of two melodies (variations) per day which is good.  The more time you spend with making variations, listening to the melodies and then playing them two or three times, the better.

Practice makes perfect

If I could give you only one piece of advise then it would be practice makes perfect. Practice is all about repeating and those who do, achieve something many others don’t.  As simple as that sounds, it is true.

How to master tempo and timing

In the beginning phase, playing music requires two skills.

  1. Playing the right notes
  2. Playing at an even speed

When a student plays a wrong note, the problem is most often rooted in the tempo. If there is an interruption or pause then a slower playing speed will help. With repetition (practice) the speed can and will often automatically get faster.

Assignment 1

Instead of giving you a melody to write down on paper, you can simply press the octopus button and let the app compose a lesson for you. By now, you know what your “student” can and can not yet do. Use the up/down arrows to simplify the melody if needed.

simple compositon for beginners
Composition Module Lesson 4

If nothing suitable comes up, then you can refer to the melody shown in the image above as a starting point. Once this melody is mastered, make small variations and have the child play them.

The art of teaching

Ask an listen. A good teacher listens to a student and uses questions to stir the conversation in the right direction. This is an art and might not come natural to you but still, you can’t fail. Think of it as if the child is teaching you. Try to ask in a way as if you want to learn because you are not sure.

The good news is that you can talk about all kinds of things like if a fish swims faster than a dolphin or if a camel can run faster than a giraffe. I was always blown away then a 3-year old lectured me and I always remembered 80 – 90% in order to give “my little teacher” a chance to explain some more. You could say that I was not very smart.

Suplemental Information​

Please do not push the child to play fast. Steady playing is of much greater value than a fast playing speed with “hiccups”. Always try and mimic the tempo of the turtle or rabbit. The turtle button is especially useful for very young children as it provides better visuals.

We hope that you see the progress and that your child is beginning to understand the app.  Please contact us if you feel that we didn’t explain a topic well and most of all, be patient.  The progress is most likely much bigger than you realize. 

Praise and treats are as important as the lesson itself. Assignment 2 is designed to really know the animal names. As the child explains all kinds of facts, she/he won’t even realize the the names have “automatically” been memorized.