NOAH 101 : Lesson 5


During the past four lessons, I have asked that you encourage and praise the child. If you are reading this lesson then there is a good chance that you have found a way to make the lessons interesting.  For that, you deserve praise because you have not given up.
Since I don’t know you, praising you would have little to no meaning so instead, I am telling you that the time you spend teaching, talking, asking and listening will pay off in ways that are unimaginable today. I know that one day you will remember how it all began and the memories will be your reward and praise which lasts for ever.

What we have learned so far

By now, you and the child you mentor have made several melodies and played them as instructed. You have established the animal (note) names and both of you have learned a lot. For the child, a lot more has happened. It got used to a regular practice time plus it learned to memorize and focus more. The keyword is more. The more a child can memorize and focus, the more it learns. Creative minds are complex and capable of amazing things.
When combined with focus and planning, the sky is the limit. I hope that you are proud of what you have achieved so far. Let’s continue.

Assignment 1

Changing the first note

So far, we have always started our lessons and variations with a C note. Today, we are going to break that rule and start with an E note instead. Please enter this lesson into the composition module: E D C E D B C

fifth free online piano lesson
Image 1 Lesson 5

What to watch out for

For many of you who follow this course, the routine is beginning to sink in but don’t let your guard down.
While your child plays, watch carefully for timing (tempo) issues and suggest corrections to the playing speed in case a jump takes too long. Practice or, as we call it, repetition fixes 99% of all problems.

Assignment 2

Use the up and down arrows to create a variation on the given lesson. If you feel comfortable, you can press the octopus button and let the app generate one instead. The main goal is spending time with the app to keep building up the focus and memory capacity.
Try spending about 10 – 20 minutes of playing and talking and then call it a day.

Good news

Many parents worry that they might teach something the wrong way. Relax. The Creative Children Compose Music (CCCM) method was designed so that you can not go wrong. This first app establishes the routine. Most children don’t want to invest time in learning so if you manage to play with your student five days a week than you are doing a fabulous job.
Let me state the good news more clearly. The next level comes with a more complex app but we will repeat all the lesson again just on a more complex scale. This way, the student has multiple chances to understand and figure out how it all works.

If the child you mentor experiences issues and is struggling with the lessons then go back to lesson 1 and start over. This is an old remedy which has many benefits. Some students respond much better the second time around.

If you need help, just let us know what we can do for you