image showing name this song which is a piano game that let's kids guess a song name

Name this Song Piano Game for Kids

Name this song is a piano-based game for musical children ages 6 and up.

How the Name this Song piano game works

Upon loading the piano game page, a piano keyboard gets loaded which can be used to play a given melody. The white keys have been marked up with the key name to help those who have never played the piano. This way, many children can participate and hopefully connect with the art of playing an instrument.

Here is a sample song:

E E E - | E E E - |
E G C D | E - - - |
F F F F | F E E E |
E D D E | D - G - |

The above arrangement would play the famous Christmas song “Jingle Bells”.

Take a look at the piano keys and focus on the capital and lower case note names which were added to help those who are new to playing the piano.

image of note names on piano keys help kids


How to play the Name this Song piano game

Once the game page loads, the visitors are encouraged to figure out the song by playing the letters below the keyboard on the included app. Once they play the melody right, they should be able to guess the song name and if they do, they can visit the Little Composers Facebook page and enter the title.

The first person who posts the correct song name wins and everytime that happens, Little Composers will publish a new song.

Device Support

Update (April 1st, 2017)
The HTML5 app is now compatible with all devices

Web browsers have come a long way but are still very different from brand to brand. Because of that, the piano keyboard app is only available for desktop browsers. Mobile browsers running on a tablet should also work but smartphones are not yet able to resize the keys. We are aware and working on a solution so that children everywhere and on any device get a chance to take part. This has been fixed now.
We’d appreciate your help by letting us know if the piano keyboard worked on your device. If you are busy and don’t want to register in order to leave a comment below then simply fill out the Little Composers website feedback form

Online Privacy

Every parent knows that posting data on the internet should be avoided which is why Little Composers doesn’t ask for your address or email when you post. Simply post the song name on the Facebook post link and that’s it. There is no charge to participate and the app is free.
If anyone every contacts you and asks for any kind of information or a payment then please forward the email to us and we will investigate the matter thoroughly.

Where can we play the game?
We just introduced the first song today and you can open the game page via this link

Do I have to upload a photo of my child?
No. This step is optional. If you already have a ton of pictures of your child on Facebook or a similar website, then by all means, send us a small picture and we will gladly add it to the Famous Little Composers Gallery.
If your child answers the song name correctly and you want her/his picture added to the app page, then contact us to get the image upload link

image of musical kids

Online music education and app-based learning

The above game is just one of the many we have developed. Check out the app page to see more piano apps from the Little Composers music library and to get the app store links. Most of the apps are free and available on Google Play, iTiunes and the Windows Store.


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