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New Online Music Classes

Little Composers School of Music and Composition

App-based learning is here and Little Composers spent most of 2016 developing the best educational apps which teach beginners the skills they need to succeed in a multimedia centered world. We are even more ambitious for 2017. Starting in just a few days, children everywhere can begin to learn additional skills which will help them to progress even further on their creative journey.

Apps for creative children

Little Composers apps are available on Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Store. Additionally, we’ll also publish the apps on the Little Composers homepage where they can be instantly opened without going trough the app store.

Online music classes

The advantages of music education are well known. To make sure that every child gets the ultimate learning experience, we’ve decided to pair each app with additional online classes. This way, the kids can achieve much greater success than just using the apps alone. 2017 will be an exciting year and you can already pre-register for the first Virtual Music Teacher class today. Even better, you get to try the latest build of our most downloaded app right now

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