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Online Composition Challenge for Kids

Little Composers invites children to take part in the online composition challenge by composing a short song with the amazing CCCM app.


How to enter

First, open the CCCM app and see if you can compose and play your own song

CCCM is a very special app and always knows exactly which keys to record. To make changes to the composition, simple touch the block you want to change and play a new key. The new note will immediately replace the old one and it is time to play the composition again. Sometimes it is necessary to change a few notes and sometimes, the composition sounds perfect right away. Just experiment a little and you will see what works.
Let your ears guide you and you will always compose a great melody.

Save the melody and then submit your email address to Little Composers and we will send you a short entry form with exact instructions plus a contact email in case you need a little help.

As you can see, this is pretty simple. The CCCM page has a demo video which explains the basics of composing a song and if you are a new visitor, it would be best to watch it now.

What happens to the songs

Two things. Every song a parent or mentor submits gets posted on the Little Composers website but the first 25 children who send us their amazing composition will be featured in the famous little composers gallery which has only room for 25 songs.
This special recognition is only available for the first 25 submissions so hurry and compose your song now. We expect that the special gallery page will be full by July 2015.

But every song gets a special place and once we receive more compositions, we will publish a huge gallery page which lists every song that was composed.

To those who mentor

Dear parent, nanny, big sister, relative or whoever you are. Little Composers is grateful that you make time to play. Music is amazing and playing music is even more amazing. Every app on the Little Composers page is designed to help young children discover their inner little music talent and with your patience and encouragement, learning will happen fast and by itself. This is how music should be experienced. Please do not make a child practice. Many children stop because they don’t enjoy anything they “have to” do.

Music is fun and learning to compose and play should not take any effort at all. Please make sure that your computer, tablet or smartphone is functioning correctly. In case something doesn’t look or sound right, try rebooting the device. It only takes a moment and takes care of most problems.
To load the free music education apps from our homepage, use the google chrome or Firefox browser but any browser should work just fine.

Please let us know how and where we can do better. Your feedback is valuable and we appreciate your time and skill.


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