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Online Music Classes with Certificates

Little Composers is starting to publish online music classes for children and self-taught musicians. The classes consist of:

  • Apps
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam (Quiz)
  • Certificate


Most of the classes are paired with one or our custom-designed apps that include additional teaching material and a virtual keyboard. The apps can be accessed via the Little Composers website or from various app stores. Not every app is in every app store yet but there are already some who are on Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Store.


The apps come with 1000’s of built-in lessons but often, additional teaching is needed and therefore we’ve started to develop lessons with are targeted towards specific apps, depending what a student wants to learn more about.


Like everything in life, learning too must be measured. The reason for this is simply to make sure that the lessons are understood before starting new ones.

Final Exam

Once all the lessons have been mastered and the corresponding quizzes have been passed then it is time for the final exam. Generally, if a student passed all the quizzes then the final exam can also be passed as it consists of questions asked in the previous quizzes. Note that the final exam may include some different wording or phrasing of previously asked questions.


Little Composers rewards students who pass the final exam with a certificate as shown at the beginning of this post. The passing grade varies from class to class so some exams can be successfully passed with 70% while others may require a minimum of 80%. Since the exams have 10 questions, students need to answer 7 or 8 out of 10 questions correctly.
Considering that our target audience may not yet be at the reading stage, some exams are picture based and require only a point and click action to answer a question. Please read the course descriptions to find out which course is right for your child.

Online learning is everywhere and continues to grow every year. Much taught and consideration has gone into the lessons, quizzes, and final exams to make sure that they deepen the knowledge needed to succeed. Please do not rush your child to complete the lessons and quizzes in one day because that isn’t helpful and may have a completely different effect.  Besides, some courses have a pre-set delay between the lessons with is usually one day. This means that aa student can only complete one lesson per day. As the saying goes “patience is key to …”

Thank you for showing interest in online music lessons and remember that we are here to help in any way we can.

Take a look at the Little Composers apps to see if your child is a good match for online music lessons

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