banner image showing a 3D render of the pre piano keyboard

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Pre Piano Keyboard

There is a good chance that you are looking at this page because you have outgrown the Pre Piano Lessons app. Now the learning continues with a more enhanced version that features color-coded keys and six alphabet letters instead of animals.
Please take your time and get to know the Pre Piano Keyboard app because everything you learn now you will come in handy when you step up to the Little Composers Piano which is the last step in the Creative Children Compose Music method.
Before you read any further, watch the video and take a minute to just look at the app interface.

Watch App Video

No other app makes composing, editing and playing music so easy and once you understand everything this app teaches, you can continue with the more sophisticated Little Composers Piano

Learn the Note Names
To get the most out of this app, your little composer should know or learn the following note names:

images helps us to learn the first note names

How to use the pre Piano Keyboard app

Load the app and play some of the keys to get used to the sound. No worries, you are not recording anyting until you touch the RECORD button. When in RECORDING mode, simply follow these three rules:

  1. Fill the red containers by playing any of the red keys
  2. Fill the white containers by playing any white key
  3. Always end your composition on a C

Every time you follow these three rules, you will compose a perfect sounding melody and once you know this app well, you can move on to the Little Composers Piano which has more keys and lets you save your compositions.

NEXT APP Little Composers Piano

Are you ready for making longer compositions and a bigger keyboard? When you outgrow the Pre Piano Keyboard app, then you have learned all the skills needed to master the Little Composers Piano

banner image showing a 3D render of the pre piano keyboard