image of pre piano keyboard update available now

Pre Piano Keyboard App Update

Pre Piano Keyboard has just been updated to version 1.3

  • This update includes a new audio sample library
  • Debut of the 1/4 note rests
  • Rebranding to Pre Piano Keyboard

A few weeks ago, we’ve upgraded the audio samples and the web apps which are available via the Little Composers website have already been compiled with the new sounds.

1/4 Quarter Notes

Previously, the app was only able to record notes. Starting with version 1.3, our little composers have a new option in the menu: REST.
Every time the rest button it touched, it will insert a 1/4 note rest into the melody. This feature is available in both, recording and editing mode.

Last but not least, the app has been renamed from “Creative Children Compose Music” to “Pre Piano Keyboard” so that it fits better into our growing list of apps. Once a child masters this app, it then can move up to the next level which has even more options and doubles the song length.

The Pre Piano Keyboard is perfect for visual learners and if you or your child is curious about music then give composing a try. You might be surprised how fast you can come up with your own melody. Little Composers makes children famous (as stated in our mission statement).

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