Pre Piano Keyboard MTE

There is no easier way to learn how to compose music than with the revolutionary Pre Piano Keyboard app.

Pre Piano Keyboard (app) unleashes your creativity and lets you experience the thrill of composing real music. The color coded piano keys quickly establish two chord groups which are illustrated below.

color coded piano keys

How to compose

When ready, press the COMPOSE button and record notes into each block. Play red piano keys to fill the red blocks and white piano keys to fill the white blocks. While learning, it's best to use only white keys that have a black letter on them. When done, press PLAY and watch.

step two play red piano keys

Sample Composition

After the basic concept is mastered, the rules can be broken as shown in the featured composition below. Try and reverse engineer this composition and if you do, you will be able to make amazing melodies and if you send us a screenshot, you might get your composition featured here too.

featured composition pre piano keyboard app
little composers piano features

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pre Piano Keybaord is a premium app that works on all devices. To load it, register a free account and you are all set.

You can overwrite (erase and replace) a note while you compose as well as after you are finished.

While you compose, you can simply touch a block and play a key or rest (touch REST) and then continue with your composition.

If you finished your composition but discover one or more notes that you don't like, you can press the COMPOSE button again and replace any note with a new one or use a REST instead.

You can repeat these steps until you like your composition.

If you installed the app on your desktop, then make sure that you are logged before you open it.

You can install this app on your smartphone or tablet by first loading it, and then go to your mobile browser menu and find "Add to desktop".
On an iPhone, you simple press the + (plus) button and scroll to the right until you see "Add to desktop". Confirm and you should see the app icon on your device next to your other apps.

The Pre Piano Keyboard is the second of three apps which we've designed to get creative children started with composing music.

If you need more features, the you should move up to the Little Composers Piano app. You'll get to make longer compositions, save them and even publish your score. little composers piano app screenshot medium

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