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Please watch the video before you load the app

pre Piano Keyboard

Prerequisite: miniMal
The pre Piano Keyboard app continues from where miniMal leaves off. We’ve doubled the song length to a total of 15 notes and the latest upgrade  includes the new “REST” option.
Tip of the day: To close the app, simple press your web browsers < back button once.


Click the image on top of this page and the video will start to play.

After you have viewed it, you will be able to compose your own music and know what all

This app starts in “warm-up mode” so that the little composer gets a chance to practice for a bit.

When ready, simply touch or press the COMPOSE button and the composition module (red and white fields) will display.

Once you do this, the app is in listening mode and will start to record the keys as they are played.

The pre Piano Keyboard app features a powerful “erase and replace” feature that is very easy to use.

To fix a wrong note (or a note that you don’t like) simply touch the field and play a new key. Done.

You can erase and replace any fields you as often as you want to because we’ve made this feature unlimited.

Yes. There are three rules you must follow or, if you mentor a child, teach to your student(s).

  1. Play red keys to fill the red keys.
  2. Play white keys to fill the white keys.
  3. Always end with a C note.

If you follow this concept, then you will be able to make 1000’s of interesting compositions.

The color-coded keyboard represents two key groups. The red and the white key group.

The G key is a member of both groups. That means that you can use it anywhere you like except for the last note which should always be a C.

The save song feature is available in the next app which is more complex and meant to be used after a student outgrows the pre Piano Keyboard.

Touch or press the HELP button top open up the help page. When ready, just press your web browsers back button to return to the keyboard app.