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Pre Piano Mentor Certificate

The pre piano mentor certificate is issued by Little Composers and awarded those those who pass the online exam.


Pre Piano Mentor Study Guide

The study guide is available in form of an eBook and once the candidate feels ready, she / he can take an online quiz to receive a grade. The certificate will be issued a few days  later.

About the program

We are doing this mostly to get children into music lessons instead of only playing computer games. This is why the mentor program was created. The curriculum is easy to follow and all a mentor has to know are basic note names, the musical tempo rules and how to praise and encourage. The later two are the most important skills to have because they influence the little composer and set the direction for success.

How much does a pre piano mentor make?

Depending on your location, the fee charged by the mentors varies. We encourage you to look at online listings such a Craigslist and examine the fees much teachers charge in your area. In the US and Canada, a going rate is around $20.00 per 30 Minutes. Again, it all depends where you live and how much you feel you want to charge.
What ever amount you decide on, please know that you keep 100% of the money and you do not need to pay a commission to Little Composers. 

How many students does a pre piano mentor teach?

Little Composes is a relatively new website but we have a growing user base. The way a pre piano mentor will find students is by posting ads on Craigslist or similar places and by letting people in their community know that they are now teaching music lessons to children age four and up.

We will help with supplying the text and images for the ad plus, we’ll issue a beautiful pre piano mentor certificate to help parents chose the best person for the job. It is hard to get a student base going and can take as long as a year but it is possible and as already mentioned, we will help and support everyone the best we can. If the mentors are willing to post the ads on a regular basis the success will come because hard work usually gets rewarded.

What kind of device / computer does a mentor need?

Little Composers recommends a tablet such as the Apple iPad or similar. A large screen smartphone would be OK to get started and a laptop is also acceptable especially if it has a touch screen as many $500 laptops now have. If someone needs help with equipment related questions or any other information then simply post on the Little Composers Facebook page or reply here to this post.

How to get started?

If mentoring a musical child is something you are interested in then it is best to visit www.littleComposers.com and get a good look at the website. You will find a teacher link in the footer menu which has a pre qualification form to get started. Everyone who fills out the form will get a reply.
Please know that since this program is new, we’ll only accept 12 mentors this year. This way, we can provide quality support for everyone and expand again some more in 2017.

We look forward hearing from you!

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