minimal piano app for kids

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” ~ Plato

miniMals - the best music app for visual learners

miniMals is a ground-breaking app that teaches the concept of music almost instantly.
By using it, you build these skills:

  • Instant symbol recognition
  • Time-controlled sorting
  • The concept of music
  • The first 7 letters of the alphabet
best free piano app for beginners
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Supplemental information

Because of how this app looks, it is often mistaken for a toy. This is wrong. miniMal is just like a regular piano but instead of keys, the app is symbol based.
Because of that, children who are still at the pre reading stage can start music lessons as early as three to four yours. Adults and seniors have also used this app to quickly build the skills needed to move up to the Pre Piano Keyboard (app).

For a young children ages three to four, we suggest a shared play time of around 20 minutes. Shared means that you, the mentor play a lesson and then let the child “try”.

After that, take a few minutes to talk about the animals. Note how some of them look to the right while others look to the left. Talk about which ones live on land and which ones swim in the water and so on.
After that, play one more lesson and on “good days”, you can try to change the lesson via the up and down arrows.
Finish every lesson with a little review and praise. Praising the little composer is the most important part of the lesson.

Your job is not to teach but rather to inspire. Music itself is the teacher.
You can achieve more by listening to a child play and asking simple questions then being the know it all that lives by the rule book. Just trust the music and be patient.

The key to success lies in using the app about four times per week according to our instructional videos.

In real life, music usually ends with a long note. To mimic this effect, we’ve made the last note optional which means that you can generate a camel by using the up arrow twice.
If you add an additional note, then make sure that it is a camel. We will introduce you to the three rules of composition when you move up to the Pre Piano Keyboard app.

Once the little composer is able to play the lessons correctly and memorizes the A B C D E F and G letters, it’s time to move up to the Pre Piano Keyboard app which you can find on the apps page.