PRE PiANO is a unique app which was invented to teach Diana, a three-year-old girl, how to play the piano.
Because Diana wasn’t at the reading stage yet, her music teacher used animals instead of notes. Since all of this happened long before computers became household items, the animals were drawn on paper and represented the keys which needed to be played. The method was very simple but also very effective and Diana learned like other beginners except at the age of only three.

2015: Computers and internet are everywhere

Computers and even more so, the internet, have changed our lives in every way and continues to do so. Countless apps provide countless features and learning has moved online as well. You probably found this post with the help of google and in just a few minutes, you will have learned a new name which you will never forget.

Little Composers

Who is Little Composers? In a nutshell, Little Composers develops educational music apps for young children and the app I want to introduce to you today is called “PRE PiANO”.


PRE PiANO is the computerized version of the process outlined in the beginning of this article. The PRE PiANO app still uses the same animals since it was conceived at the turn of the century and the only thing which was added is the composition module which can be seen right above the bottom row of animals.
Each of the small animals can be moved with the help of arrows and the app allows for a total of eight notes to be arranged in any way. Once the changes have been made, the composition is ready to be played.
Because the human ear (yes, even the little human ear) is capable of recognizing wrong notes, it doesn’t take long before it becomes necessary to push a few arrows and make some improvements. The constant repetition of composing, playing and changing the melody is where learning sneaks in and before too long, many children are able to make their own little melodies and play them.
To make sure that the melody gets played right, each of the little animals can be touched and touching all eight from left to right will reveal the composition quickly.

Note: A composition doesn’t have to be eight notes long. Often, seven notes sound just as good.

Little Composition Rules

None really except to always end with a camel. The most important part of learning and teaching a young child is to make sure that each note is played equally long. Imagine that you are walking. We take even steps and don’t make a few fast steps followed by a few slow steps. Just like a walk, notes need to be played at the same speed too. How fast isn’t really as important but to play all seven or eight notes at the same speed is very important.

For children who want to compose faster, PRE PiANO also comes as a plus version which is accessible to all registered members.


PRE PiANO PLUS is identical to the free version but has two additional features. To the left of the composition module is a burgundy (reddish colored) octopus which has magical powers. Touching the octopus instantly composes a new song.
Just like the free version, the up and down arrows can still change the images which makes composing music a lot more fun. Instead of touching the small animals from left to right, a rabbit or turtle button is available to play the new composition at normal speed (rabbit) or, at learning speed (turtle).

If you have children who want to start learning to play the piano early, then give PRE PiANO a try. The app teaches a lot in very little time and introduces music via composing which is the best way to learn.

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