NOAH 101 : Lesson 3

The B (bird) note

Until now, we played the notes which were located next to each other.
In today’s lesson, we will jump from the Bird to the Dolphin by skipping over the Camel.

Assignment 1

Enter the following notes into the composition module: C C B D D B C C

composition lesson for kids
Image 1 - Lesson 3

Just like yesterday, use the playback feature (turtle or rabbit) and listen once or twice.
Then (you) play the lesson slowly. If the child wants to play right away without you trying first then go for it. It’s OK.

If the child played the lesson nicely, ask to repeat it just one more time because you love how this melody sounds. Follow up with praise and a little “talk”. The right questions can do miracles to learning.

Assignment 2

To deepen the learning, we are once again taking advantage of variations. If the child was able to play the lesson twice without making a mistake, you should propose a challenge.
Change the 5th note from a dolphin to a fish. Have the app play the new variation (rabbit button) and then see if you can play it. After you are finished, tell your “best” student that this is hard. Admit that you really had to focus. Wipe the pretend sweat from your forehead. Dare to ask if your little composer could try to play this melody.

Praise if all goes well.
Talk if there are small issues.
A little “break” from playing recharges the mind. It’s like taking a rest during an uphill walk. Spend a minute or two talking about the animals and then have the app play the variation again.
* If the jump is too big, then change the fish to a bird and see if that makes it easier.

Regardless of how it goes, we are glad to offer additional insight and advise if needed.

Suplemental Information

None as of yet but we will augment this section as we get inquiries and suggestions.