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Please do not press the TAKE THIS COURSE button before you read the course description.
The course description has important course information and the latest updates.

How to navigate the Courses

Every course has a featured image. Below the image are a row of four or five tabs. They are:

Description | Curriculum | Instructor | Review | Student book

The course description should open by default and provides a short description as expected.

The curriculum tab has an overview of all the lessons and quizzes. If you are logged in and enrolled, then you can open the lessons and quizzes right away.

The instructor tab provides information about the person who created the course. For most courses, the course creator is also answering the forum posts. Every course has a dedicated forum for those who are actively taking a course.

Students are welcome to review and rate the courses. Thank you for everyone who completes this step. It means a lot to us.

Student book (not yet implemented)


Frequently asked questions

Are the courses free?
Yes. Later this year, we will start charging a small fee but for now, the courses are free. The only requirement is that students register in order to take a course.

Why do I have to register?
Little Composers rewards those who take learning serious with a beautiful course certificate. Upon passing the final exam, a certificate of completion or achievement will be issued and the name shown on the certificate will be the one you provided during registration.

What if I need help with something?
No problem. Students who have enrolled get exclusive access to a support forum. The instructor actively monitors the forum and the student community is welcome to contribute as well.

What if I have questions “before” I register?
We have a contact form (top menu) as well as a General Discussion forum where everyone can post and respond to posts.
To minimize spam, the general discussion forum is for registered users only.

Is registration free?

Upcoming Music Courses for Little Composers

To access the lessons, switch from the Description to the Curriculum tab (right below the course picture).

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