The new website is ready

image showing the new website which is now ready

The new is ready for showtime. Little Composers is pleased to bring you a much-improved website that is faster and easier to navigate than the old one was. It’s built on the Skeleton framework by Dave Gamache and performs much better than we had expected. Previously, run on Twitter Bootstrap which is extremely … Read more

Getting ready to start piano lessons

image showing getting ready to start piano lessons

Soon, a new generation of children is getting ready to start piano lessons. Some have older siblings who are already taking piano lessons and others were motivated by someone else to begin piano lessons. Either way, countless little soon-to-be piano students are patiently waiting for when school starts again. If you took piano lessons then you know … Read more

Learn Note Names with a new free app for music students

image showing learn note names with a free new app just published their first app which was specifically developed for new music students who need to learn the note names and more about music notes. Learn Note Names The app is currently available on the website and depending on the feedback received, the app might head for the app stores in a few … Read more

Online Music Classes with Certificates

image of online music classes with certificate

Little Composers is starting to publish online music classes for children and self-taught musicians. The classes consist of: Apps Lessons Quizzes Final Exam (Quiz) Certificate Apps Most of the classes are paired with one or our custom-designed apps that include additional teaching material and a virtual keyboard. The apps can be accessed via the Little … Read more

App Update! Virtual Music Teacher

image showing app update for virtual music teacher

Virtual Music Teacher was just updated and is now exclusively available on the Windows Store. If you have previously installed the app, then you will get the latest version automatically which means that you can enjoy the new features now. If you haven’t yet installed this amazing app that teaches new music students and self-taught … Read more