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The Little Composers School of Music and Composition offers online music courses (classes) for kids. To participate in any of the classes offered, we ask you to register and upon doing so, fill in your account information. The course certificate pulls the student name from your registration information. If you use “Just Testing” as your name, then the certificate will also be awarded to Just Testing.

About the courses (classes)

The courses/classes consist of the following elements:

  1. Lessons
  2. Quizzes
  3. Certificates

The lessons can be written material, explainer videos and downloadable attachments which can be printed but vary on the course taught. Some courses will have mostly videos while others come with printable files where a student can write music notes etc.
The quizzes are like tests and upon completion, the student can move on to the next segment if a passing grade was achieved.
The certificates are automatically generated upon successfully completing the final exam. A copy of the certificate will be available for online viewing (via a given link) and upon viewing a certificate, it can be downloaded and printed as well.

App-based Early Music Education

What differentiates Little Composers from all the other online music schools are our unique custom designed apps which the students use to get started. Each course was created with a specific app and topic in mind and using all the assets together enhances the learning experience greatly.

How can I get just the apps?

Most of the Little Composers apps are available in the major app stores. The list below will take you to the app store based on your device.

Pre Piano Lessons
Available on iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store

Pre Piano Keyboard
Available on iTunes and the Windows Store

Little Composers Piano
Available on iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store

Virtual Music Teacher
Available in the Windows Store

Here is a page with all the app store links

Where can I get app support?

Each app comes with a dedicated help page which can be opened right from inside the app by touching the HELP button in the app menu.
The app help pages are actual web pages which get constant updates. We recommend that you check out the help page as soon as you open the app.
Depending on your browser settings, you might get a warning that the app is trying to access the internet. If that happens, then OK it and add as a trusted page. You only have to do this once.

WARNING! If you use the web apps (available right here on our website) then you should supervise younger music students since they can access the internet via the app. Please supervise younger children when they access the help page. There are no ads in the apps or help pages so the chance to clicking something undesirable are minimal.

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