Learn Note Names I

Course Curriculum

Lessons Overview

  1. Course introduction and note names
  2. One note, one line
  3. A B C
  4. Quiz 1
  5. Five notes, three lines
  6. *Special app exercises
  7. Seven notes mastered
  8. Quiz 2
  9. Nine notes, five lines
  10. Treble clef and music staff
  11. Eleven possible notes
  12. Quiz 3
  13. Ledger lines and two new notes
  14. Write real notes (special project)
  15. Fifteen notes, almost there
  16. Special project 2
  17. The last new notes
  18. Quiz 4
  19. Sharps and flats
  20. Measures and math
  21. Note values and math
  22. Final exam

This overview will be slightly adjusted as we update and enhance the course material.

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