Piano Keys have Names Course Overview

The “Piano keys have names” course is designed to help beginners with identifying the correct piano key names. Knowing the piano keys names will speed up learning the other courses and lay the foundation of an enjoyable learning experience when taking some of the other classes the Little Composers School of Music and Composition offers.

image showing piano key names from A to C


  • Lesson 1: The first seven letters of the alphabet
  • Lesson 2: Piano key names
  • Lesson 3: Keyboards and octaves
  • Lesson 4: Learning the black piano keys
  • Lesson 5: Name that piano key

Lesson 5 concludes this course and upon passing the final exam with 80% or higher, a certificate of completion will be automatically generated. You can view, download or print your certificate at any time.

Course Certificate

image showing the Little Composers School of Music and Composition Course Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this course?
Anyone who wants to learn the names of all the piano keys.

How much does the course cost?
This course is free and you even get to use the premium version of Virtual Music Teacher which shows you all the white piano key names.

What does “Take a course for view this content” mean?
This is just a quick reminder that you need to be registered and logged in to take this course.

Can I take this course without registering?
No, because the course certificate uses your registration date to fill in the name field. If you need help then contact us via the support page and we’ll gladly assist you.

Where can I see my certificate?
image of the certificate buttonAfter you completed this course, a new button will display next to the “Take this course” button.
image of the certificate buttonEvery time you touch or press this button, an online copy of your certificate will be displayed for you. If you want to, you can download, print and frame the certificate at any time.


Whenever you finish a lesson, please mark it as complete (blue button, upper right corner) before you proceed.


  • 1

    When will this course be available?


    Hopefully by Monday, January 23 or sooner. We are working on it right now.

    • Staff

      Update! The course is now online and the quiz is also complete.
      We’ll officially release the course once we’ve created the certificate of completion.

  • 0

    The course is now officially online


    We’ve just finished the certificate portion of the “Piano Key Names” course and testing showed that everything works.

    Over the next few weeks we’ll make some minor changes and add an explainer video to cover some of the dry theory.
    Please provide us with some feedback and help us to identify the sections that need to be reworked. – Thank you! 🙂