Learn Note Names with a new free app for music students

image showing learn note names with a free new app

www.learnNoteNames.com just published their first app which was specifically developed for new music students who need to learn the note names and more about music notes. Learn Note Names The app is currently available on the www.learnnotenames.com website and depending on the feedback received, the app might head for the app stores in a few … Read more

Learn Note Names eBook for new music students

cover image of the encourage praise and repeat ebook

Little Composers has just published Learn Note Names, a new eBook targeted towards music students who need help with learning the note names. Learn Note Names (eBook) is now available on amazon.com Struggle with music notation Need to get up-to-speed with note names Have troubles with identifying notes and chords There are many apps and … Read more

Learn Note Names Easy Beginner Lessons

image showing learn note names easy beginners app

This article teaches beginners how¬†to learn note names by studying only three lessons. Each lesson covers small steps that are easy to remember and the Little Composers website published an interactive note chart for some extra practice. Both versions, bass and treble clef are available. Before You Learn Note Names This article assumes no prior … Read more