Q: Where do I log in?

Answer:   Go to the right upper corner on every page except the home page and click on MEMBERS


Last updated on January 7, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer The APPS page has links to all the major app stores. Alternatively, you can go to your favorite app store and enter Little Composers into the search field.

Instant Access
Registered members can access the apps by going to the apps page and clicking this button:
premium app button

If you open our apps in a web browser, then you can simply just close the browser tab or press the back button to return to the previous page. This will close the app.

Members can access a total of 5 apps.
Beginners should start with the Pre Piano Lessons app and once they outgrow it, continue with the Pre Piano Keyboard app which was specifically developed to prepare children to master the Little Composers Piano which is 2 apps in one.
Part one creates the composition and part 2 writes the notes which can be uploaded to enter the Composition Challenge 2017
Go to the apps page to load and use the app you need.

Answer Go to the APPS page and select any of the "APP INFO" buttons.

You can also watch how-to videos here.

Answer If you get our apps on iTunes, the Windows App Store or Google Play then yes, they will work on the device they are installed on.
Registered Members!
Our web apps also open in your web browser. If you experience sound issues, then we recommend that you upgrade or change your web browser

Answer We suggest to begin music lessons as early as possible. Have a look at the PrePiano Lessons app which was especially designed for children who are not yet at the reading stage.

Answer No. All of our apps are ad free.
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You can also ask us for help on the Little Composers Facebook Page

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