The future of piano lessons

Every piano has a story

I am always amazed about how many families own a piano. The reason for having a piano is often because someone is taking piano lessons or, someone has taken piano lessons. The title of this blog article is about music lessons in 2020 and beyond. The focus of this blog article is on technology which has already begun to change the way we learn.

Before we get into the future of learning, we need to understand how conventional piano lessons work. The concept is a simple one. Someone wants to take piano lessons and so it all starts. A parent then needs to organize an instrument which means a trip to one or more music stores unless some aunt or uncle is volunteering to donate their unused piano. Either way, lessons start every fall and without an instrument, the hunt for a piano teacher is pointless.

The next step is finding a music school or piano teacher close by. This is usually done by referrals from neighbours or friends who are already taking piano lessons. Once the instrument is in place and the lessons are booked the excitement begins.

Lesson one and the first music book
The first music lesson is the best one. Everyone is happy and the teacher plays for the student and mom gets to listen while fighting temptation to glimpse into the future when her little girl or boy will be a famous performer or teacher …
Lets move to lesson two and the actual first music lesson with instructions. Page one, lesson one and 30 minutes later a high-five with a reassuring “good job” slur. Everyone is happy and so it continues for a few weeks. Christmas concert followed by a period of little progress often blamed on the fact the kids love to play with the toys Santa brought.
Then things get serious. Year-end concert (a scary experience which has brought tears and fear to many children with no end insight). Those who do well are happy to come back after the summer and start grade two piano. Those who are not doing well don’t look forward to another repeat. This experience repeats two or three years and finally, mom says it’s OK to quit. If a younger sister or brother is starting or taking piano lessons then the instrument will continue to get played and if not then the family own a piano and it always amazes me how many families own a piano (which is how this blog article started).

Piano lessons in 2020 and how technology is changing them

I hope that the above story didn’t scare you and if you have or know someone who has a piano sitting in our living room then you surely understand the point I am trying to make.
Every once in a while, things change and the world moves on. Remember when you where little and after every family vacation film had to be dropped off to get the pictures developed?
We don’t do that anymore because that process has been replaced a few times. First came the digital cameras and then the smartphones which not only take amazing pictures, but also give you a way to share them on your social media pages.
As you can see, technology is replacing old slow processes everywhere and online learning is now part of that trend as well.

What can you learn online? Perhaps it would be easier to mention what can not be learned online because as things stand now, online learning is everywhere. Just like smartphones replaced the way we look at pictures, apps replace the way we learn. Take a look at YouTube. It’s one of the most busiest sites the internet offers and you don’t have to search long before you find valuable content which, just a few years ago, was unthinkable. Want a Harvard business class on the latest start-up strategies? No problem. Want music lessons? No problem.

Little Composers ( realized this trend a few years ago and begun to develop educational apps which enable young children to learn how to play piano online. Back then it was a theory but now it has become reality and children everywhere are beginning to learn about music with easy-to-use, intuitive apps that run on devices they already have.
If your children are curious about music then you are in for a treat. There is no need to go piano shopping just yet and no need to wait until school starts because the internet starts new students every day and every hour and every minute with no end in sight.

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