image showing the new website which is now ready

The new website is ready

The new is ready for showtime.

Little Composers is pleased to bring you a much-improved website that is faster and easier to navigate than the old one was. It’s built on the Skeleton framework by Dave Gamache and performs much better than we had expected. Previously, run on Twitter Bootstrap which is extremely popular.

Website speed test

Every webmaster knows that speed is crucial and that no one likes a slow website. Heavy customizations made it possible to get OK results in the past but now that more and more parents are using the site, it was time to optimize even more. We’ve searched for weeks and read a lot of documentation and at the end, Skeleton had everything we needed. So let’s put the result to the test and see how fast it is.

To measure the load time, we are going to use one of the premier website speed test sites

image showing the website speed test results!/cZ5Ytm/

Considering that we have a YouTube video and analytics tracking on the index page, the given performance grade of “A 96” and load time of 723 milliseconds is impressive. We used heavy image compression to squeeze the total page size down to 274.2 kB which is why the load time is below one second. Although Little Composers is located in Vancouver, we’ve selected the test to run from a server that is based in a data center in New York because many of our visitors come from the east.

The Little Composers School of Music and Composition runs on WordPress

Little Composers is two websites in one. The frontend is HTML5 driven and runs now on the Skeleton framework while the backend uses WordPress to host the learning management system where students can register and take music courses online. The existing site was originally running on Drupal but we’ve replaced it with WordPress because it has all the needed plugins we needed to serve the lessons and quizzes. We can even issue a certificate of completion for students who complete a course with a certain grade.

All of the design work was done on a Mac. Our web editor of choice is Atom which makes writing HTML and CSS3 code easy. Things have come a long way and browsers are now much more than web browsers. It’s mind-boggling to see the kind of work that has gone into the leading web browsers. Years ago, making music on a computer was a formidable task. Today, the web browser has can do more than the software we used back then which is why the apps Little Composers produces are not only available in the app stores, but also as web apps that open right inside the browser with nothing further to install. True instant access.

Anyone who is looking for a robust and lightweight responsive CSS3 framework should check out Skeleton which can be downloaded for free by visiting

If one is fluent in writing CSS rules then Skeleton is a great choice to start with. Check out the finished result here:

If you have questions related to this article then comment below. I’m happy to provide additional information if I can. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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