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The next version of Virtual Music Teacher will be online in a few days.

UPDATE! Monday, Jan 16, 2017: We’ve just published the updated version of Virtual Music Teacher

Little Composers is publishing an updated version of the Virtual Music Teacher app this week. We have a little more testing to do and if all goes according to plan, we’ll release it later this week. Everyone is welcome to help us with last minute usability tests! If you are interested in getting an early look simply comment on this post and we’ll get in touch with you.

What’s new

Level 4 is new and extends the upper note range which was the most requested feature from our users. Besides that, the app got a major facelift and a 10 question quiz which is perfect for those who have used the app and want to test how well they know it. You can access the quiz from the main menu but it’s best if have used the app for a bit before tackling the quiz.

Where can I get the app?

Little Composers apps for gifted children are available in two places. 

  1. The app stores (Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Store)
  2. On the Little Composers website where you can open them in your browser.

The Little Composers Piano was just updated too and is now able to convert every composition to a real music score and more. If you have a musical child and want to support and foster the little composers then head on over to and get started right now. You’ll be amazed how much children can learn with the right kind of apps!

If you haven’t tried Virtual Music Teacher yet then you can download it from the Windows App Store. It’s free and as you can see by the screenshot, the next update will extend the existing functions and add new features which make this app so unique. Anyone can learn how to play the piano with Virtual Music Teacher. What used to take months and years can now be done in a few minutes. Try the app and see how you like it. I just played with it for two hours and didn’t even notice how long I was playing. It’s just that cool.
Comment below and if you know of parents who have children interested in music then please share this post with them. You never know what becomes if you do …

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