Virtual Music Teacher Quiz and Certificate

A few weeks ago, Little Composers updated the Virtual Music Teacher app which is available on our website and the Windows Store. The new update features a brief app introduction, a “tips on how to score high” page and a new quiz. Students who complete the quiz with a mark of 70% or higher will receive a beautiful certificate of completion as shown below. virtual music teacher quiz certificate sample

How to get started

If you haven’t used the Virtual Music Teacher app yet, then you should first head to the Little Composers home page and get the app. Virtual Music Teacher works on all devices and is especially easy to use of you have a touchscreen device such as an iPad or similar tablet.

Once you load the app, you can open the help page to watch a short app introduction video and read up on what the levels, generate and show me buttons do. The buttons are pretty self-explanatory and the interface was specifically designed for beginners.

Special app features

To make sure that everyone can learn how to sight-read music, we’ve made the notes touch-aware. This means that when you get stuck, you simply touch the note and Virtual Music Teacher will show you which key to press. You will also see the note name which is another advantage. When you load the app, you should generate a lesson and try touching the notes. You will love it.

How many lessons are included

Virtual Music Teacher generates over 100000 (one hundred thousand) unique lessons. You’ll never get the same lesson twice which is preferable when learning to play the piano. Each lesson is only two measures long and the show me button can play every lesson the app generates. This way, everyone can learn in just a few days and expand on that foundation in the weeks to come.

Quiz and Certificate of Completion

Little Composers believes in rewarding those who are serious about learning and therefore, the latest app update includes a new quiz and certificate feature. The quiz is made up of 10 multi-choice questions that cover the app interface as well as the note names B, C, D, E, F, and G.
Anyone who follows the instructions before starting the quiz should be able to get at least a mark of 70% and those who achieve that mark, will be rewarded with a beautiful certificate of completion that can be viewed online or downloaded.
Please be patient when downloading the certificate because the server has to convert the fancy fonts into a print format your printer can print. This might take up to a minute.

A new course is already in development which will continue from where this one leaves off. Check the Little Composers Facebook page to be the first to know when it gets published.


Online learning is everywhere and destined to grow. Little Composers specializes in developing educational apps that are suitable for early music education and the new Online School of Music and Composition will expand on the teaching with is already built-in to every app.
If you take the quiz, then leave a review and rating so that we know what needs improving and what you liked about it. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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