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Virtual Music Teacher Quiz How-To

Step-by-step instructions for new visitors who want to take the Virtual Music Teacher quiz.

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Part 1 : Account Setup

  1. Go to the Little Composers School of Music and Composition website
  2. Register a free account and log in

Next, you need to go to edit your profile. To do so, press the “Profile” link (top of the page, right side) and once your profile opens, go to the “Account” tab. There, you can edit your basic information.

This step is very important because the certificate displays the name which you provide there.

If you are the parent, then fill in your child’s first and last name plus a nickname. The nickname can be anything and is used when you post in the forum or respond to a blog post etc.

The bottom field asks you to display your name publicly as???

For regular use, you can simply display your nickname but when you view your certificate, you must set it to display the first and last name.
If you can’t see that option, the click the update button and try again by touching the drop-down link and select the option that displays the students first and last name.

That’s it. You are set and the certificate will have the correct name. Once you get comfortable with your profile, you can do all of the above in seconds.

The next part covers taking the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz.


Part 2 : Taking the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz

Now that you are logged in and your account is set up, you are ready to start the Virtual Music Teacher course.
Go to the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz page, scroll down past the main image and switch from the description to the curriculum tab.

course tutorial image 4Image 2: Curriculum tab content

Touch or click on “Lecture 1.1 VMT Introduction“, to open lecture 1.
Read it and when you are done, press the green “COMPLETE LESSON” button at the bottom.
Do the same with lecture 1.2 and proceed to the quiz.

About the Quiz

course tutorial image 6

The Virtual Music Teacher Quiz consists of 10 point-and-click questions.

After answering a question, press the NEXT button to advance. When done, press the green “FINISH QUIZ” button and confirm your choice once more (pop-up window).

After that, you will see how you did. Look at the information in each circle to understand what the numbers are telling you.

course tutorial image 8aImage 4: Quiz result


Now you can exit the quiz window by clicking the X located inside the green stripe as shown in the image below.

course tutorial image 9

Image 5: Press the X to exit the quiz

Finish Course (Last step)

Return to the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz course (where you started) and press the green “FINISH COURSE” button. If you scored 70% or higher, then this action will generate your certificate. A new green button invites you to view your certificate. Well done!course tutorial image 10Image 6: Finish course button

Where is my course certificate?

We are almost there. Go to the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz page and press the green FINISH COURSE button. After that, a new button will appear and you can finally view your certificate. Below the certificate (not shown) are additional buttons which let you save your new certificate to your device and like / share it on your Facebook page.
If the name on the certificate is wrong, then read the top portion of this article which explains how fix this in your user profile.

course tutorial image 12Image 7: Certificate


I hope you were able to follow along and got it all working. If not, then you can post in the Virtual Music Teacher Quiz forum which was specifically set up for participants of this quiz. The forum link is displayed above the course image. You must be logged in and taking this course to see the link.

I look forward to help you get set up and would appreciate it if you could take a minute to review this course.
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Thank you!

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