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Vote for your favourite Little Composers app

Little Composers develops the PRE PiANO and Creative Children Compose Music apps which teach and encourage young children to learn how to compose and play their own music.

To help us allocate resources better, we would like to invite you to vote and show us which apps you use the most. Please take a look at the poll below and if you currently use any of the Little Composers apps, then feel free to mark which ones. Families who have more children enrolled may check any app they use because that too helps us to get organized and serve you better.

Thank you for taking part. We really appreciate it.

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Suggest a new app

We are constantly experimenting and evaluating the feedback we get from the small beta group which helps us with tweaking and improving the apps. Now we ask you to join in and send us your feedback, criticism, improvement suggestions or a short testimonial

The more feedback you provide, the better we can fine-tune the apps which means that the children gain access to better learning tools which is why we do what we do.

What kind of information are we looking for?

  • Were you pleased with the download speed
  • Are all apps working in your browser?
  • Did you have to switch browser in order to get the sound working?
  • Does your child understand the software?
  • Do you use a touch screen device such as a cell phone or tablet?
  • Which devices do you use to open the apps?
  • Which browser do you use?
  • What kind of computer do you have? Laptop, desktop, tablet?
  • Are you happy with the sound quality?
  • Did you have to get external speakers?
  • What does your child say about the Little Composers apps?
  • Do you need help with getting featured in the Famous Little Composers Gallery?
  • Anything we are missing or should know about?


Each item on the above list helps us to understand our users and students better and therefore we encourage you to vote on the poll, ask questions and even post on our Facebook page

Thank you for your input!

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