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Website Makeover Suggestions from YOU

Little Composers needs your help because we want to give you a website that is useful for you and not just looks pretty. This is your chance of telling us anything and everything that you don’t like and want to have changed.

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Our webmaster constantly monitors the load time and keeps on optimizing every little detail that can speed up the overall load time of the page.
We are not happy with the overall layout and welcome your suggestions regarding the arrangement of information and. Some buttons load other pages and other buttons load apps. Should we color-code the buttons or are you OK with the way the function now?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

No matter when you discover this article, the optimization of is ongoing and therefore, your input whenever you happen to read this is always valuable. As of today, June 12, 2015 the website index page looks like this:

The top banner shows PRE PiANO which is an app we’ve developed for very young children who are not yet at the reading stage. Then a brief “About Us” block quickly states who we are, what we offer followed by the mission and vision statements.

How do you like the registration process?

Little Composers offers visitors a chance to use the Creative Children Compose Music app plus a chance to try a demo version of PRE PiANO. The PRE PiANO demo was made available so that parents cant test and identify compatibility issues. If the PRE PiANO demo app loads than all other apps will load to.
Why do you have to register?
In order to provide fast loading times for those who are serious about educating their children, we have decided to provide access to most of the apps via a login system which was just recently implemented. This way, registered members enjoy the fastest access possible while visitors still are able to participate in the creative children compose music composition contest.

Online Composition Contest for Children

We hope to always provide access to the online composition contest for children for free and no registration is needed. Because the internet is often misused, the decision to give access to anyone and let them upload an image of their composition is subject to ongoing evaluation.
We are manually checking every composition which gets submitted and delete all other images in order to provide a safe browsing environment which is suitable for children. The registered members feature allows for removing those who abuse the rules but in the end, it is up to you, the users, to help us by making suggestions where we can improve as well as reporting any activity which isn’t appropriate for out Little Composers.

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